15 wrong habits for using hair

1. Using hair dryer too often? If the water in hair is under 10%, the hair will become coarse and have splinted end.

2. Combing your hair too often? Being combing too often is not good for hair.

3. Only combing the hair end? Only combing the hair will cause breaking hair and hair tangle.

4. Putting the hair when it is very wet? The right way is putting hair set when hair is still a little wet.

5. Drying the hair with towel strongly? It will make the hair course and have splinted ends.

6. Is it good for shampoo with much bubble? It will make the hair dry, and don’t wash hair strongly.

7. Putting perfume on hair? It will take out the water in hair, and makes it dry.

8. Dying hair and curling hair at the same time? It might damage the hair quality.

9. Rolling the hair too tight when put the hair set? It will break the hair.

10. Sleeping with hair set? The hair with hair set for one night makes the hair under too much treasure, which will damage the hair quality.

11. Using hair conditioner when hair is dry? Many people put hair conditioner when hair is dry and have no luster. But too much conditioner will also be a burden to the hair. Putting a little on the surface of hair is okay.

12. Combing the hair strongly can take off the dandruff? It will do harm to the skin.

13. Dying hair again due to the dissatisfied new hair style? It will do harm to the hair.

14. Using one hair shampoo for whole family? It will also do harm to hair if use the shampoo which is not suitable hair.

15. Is dying hair okay for every people? You should talk to hair dresser before color hair, and put some hair dye on your artifice, if it is not comfortable for you, plz don’t dye hair, otherwise it will cause problem to hair.

Article source: http://www.lokshair.com/15-wrong-habits-for-using-hair-020.html

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